Turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary with custom mosaic landscaping features

Victoria, BC mosaic artist

At Sattva Mosaics, we believe art has a way of grounding us in the present.


Each creation is designed to bring harmony to your outdoor space. Every stone is hand-prepared and assembled using expert craftsmanship.

This ensures you get a one-of-a-kind focal point that:

  • Adds beauty 
  • Sparks conversation
  • Invites you to slow down and notice

Whether you’re looking for an intricate pathway inspired by a memory, a symbolic wall piece, or a statement-making fountain… Your mosaic is tailored to you.

Custom Mosaic Services

Pebble Mosaic Driveway Insert

Mosaic Walkways

Ground yourself with a custom path that brings harmony with every step.

An ancient art

for modern living

Mosaics are an ancient medium that use many small pieces of natural pebbles, hand-cut stone, or other materials to create a grand visual. The result is something truly unique and durable for outdoor spaces. 

Mosaics also symbolize the many different patterns of our lives. This makes them a perfect way to bring more beauty into our everyday surroundings.

Pebble Mosaic Driveway Insert

Mosaic Wall Features

Bring fine art outside with a stunning mosaic wall hanging or retaining wall.

How it works


Step 1 – Get in touch to book a free discovery call so we can talk about what you’re looking for

Step 2 – We’ll have an in-depth consultation and site visit (if needed) to explore your vision

Step 3 – I’ll create your initial mosaic design and incorporate your feedback

Step 4 – I’ll  build your mosaic and either install it myself or oversee the installation

I’m Sewailu Auzins

Owner of Sattva Mosaics Inc.

During my life, I’ve been drawn to expressing myself through art. I have explored various mediums, yet it was the world of mosaics that I found truly captivating. Over the span of more than two decades, I have refined my craft and expertise in this timeless art form.

Through the meticulous creation of mosaics, I aim to bring a sense of tranquility and mindfulness to outdoor spaces, encouraging moments of pause and connection—to oneself and to the environment.

With Sattva Mosaics, my goal is to bring a little extra serenity and balance into your daily life with a piece that represents you.

Ready to talk about your vision?

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your ideas. Please get in touch to request a complimentary discovery call.