Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, peacefulness, and serenity.

Whether you want an oasis in your garden, a conversation piece for your patio, or a one-of-a-kind walkway to plant your feet on each morning…

At Sattva Mosaics, my goal is to create art that brings these qualities into your everyday surroundings.

I’m Sewailu Auzins, Founder of Sattva Mosaics

We are all affected differently by art. It can calm you or make you feel alive. It can even help you connect to something greater than yourself.

I’ve found art grounds me in the present, creating a sense of awe, wonder, and peace. Early on, I knew it would be an important part of my life. Over the years, I studied a wide variety of art forms, including interior design, painting, textiles, sculpture, and stained glass. 

Smalti and Glass Portrait - Warrior

In 2004, I discovered mosaics and found this medium provided something different. 

Creating something large from small broken pieces, I noticed a calming effect that kept me coming back to mosaics.

So I travelled to Ravenna, Italy to study traditional mosaic techniques with Luciana Notturni at the Mosaic Art School. I also trained with many esteemed artists from North America, the UK, and Australia.


Travelling often inspires my creativity.

Whether it be the vastness of Jordan, the colours of India, the art of Europe, the temples of Thailand, or the flora and fauna of the South Pacific… I’m not only inspired by the beauty I experience in other cultures, but by the connections I have with the people too. 

A trip to India sparked a passion for creating sanctuaries with art. 

One day, I was feeling defeated by the noise and heat of the streets. Somehow, I found myself in a stunning garden and the chaos vanished, replaced by the peaceful sounds of birds.

The stress I was feeling moments ago felt like a distant memory. In its place was a feeling of serenity.

I knew I wanted to give others a similar experience.

When I came back to Canada, I focussed on creating stone mosaics for everyday outdoor spaces. I wanted to help people connect with nature and bring balance and harmony into their lives.


Sattva Mosaics was born.  

Because, when the world feels like too much, you can find serenity in the sanctuaries you build at home. You reconnect to your sense of place, to yourself, and to your loved ones. 

My mission is to help you do just that.


As your mosaic artist, I promise you


I honour the unique experience and desires of each individual. Like mosaics, every person is unique and I celebrate that.

Bathroom window detail


Open communication is essential. It’s key to an enjoyable process and a final product you love.


I channel decades of experience into my work. Expert craftsmanship is at the heart of every piece I create—so it lasts.

Ready to talk about your vision?

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your ideas. Please get in touch to request a complimentary discovery call.