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The mosaic creation process is all about collaboration, creativity, and craftsmanship. Once I get to know you and your space, I use the highest quality materials to bring your vision to life.

Art meets function 

Landscaping mosaics aren’t only stunning. They’re often used to create a space that functions just right.

For example:

  • Mosaics create a landscaping focal point that sparks conversation


  • Mosaic walkways protect heavy traffic area


  • Mosaic walls help block noise and add privacy

    Mosaic styles

    Pebble Mosaics

    Pebble mosaics use un-cut stones in their natural form. They’re embedded into a large concrete slab that sets for 28 days so it stays strong. Since these mosaics use full stones, they’re heavier and work well for walkways and patios.

    Mixed Material Mosaics

    These mosaics can be made with hand-cut stones, tiles, glass, or even beads. They’re lighter than pebble mosaics which makes them great for wall hangings. But the possibilities are endless.

    The Sattva Mosaics process


    Step 1 – Consultation  

    We’ll connect on the phone or Zoom to talk about the feeling you’re after. We’ll explore colour palettes, texture, imagery, and size. If needed, I’ll visit your space to work out logistics. I’ll then provide a rough quote.

    Step 2 – Mosaic Design

    I’ll take all your beautiful ideas and turn them into an initial design. I’ll share it with you via a digital file so you can provide feedback before I make refinements. Once we finalize the design and materials, I’ll provide a precise quote. 

    Step 3 – Source Materials

    I’ll gather the individual pieces that will create your custom art piece. I carefully source my materials from high-quality providers all over the world. Sometimes, I hand-select pebbles from local Vancouver Island beaches where it’s permitted.  

    Please note: Materials can take several weeks to arrive if we’re sourcing specialty materials from another country.

    Step 4 – Mosaic Fabrication

    Now I bring it all together.

    For pebble mosaics, I clean and sort each stone by shape and size. I set them in a custom made form upside down so the top surface is flat for walking. The cast mosaic then cures in my studio before installation, so it stays strong. 

    For other mosaics, I hand-cut each piece using traditional hand tools before assembling.

    Building the mosaic is almost meditative, as I find the perfect place for each piece to sit.

    Step 5 – Mosaic Installation 

    Depending on the type of mosaic, I will either complete and install the mosaic on site, or I will oversee installation by communicating with professionals (landscapers, stone masons, or builders). I’m happy to recommend professionals I know or work with your team of choice. 

    Either way, I’ll walk you through the whole process and provide detailed instructions on preparing your site, if applicable.

    Step 6 – Enjoy

    Sit back and appreciate the piece you’ve welcomed into your space! I’ll provide maintenance tips to make sure your custom mosaic lasts for years and years to come.

    Ready to talk about your vision?

    I can’t wait to meet you and hear your ideas. Please get in touch to request a complimentary discovery call.